Oct, 2021
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Oct, 2021
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About us

Hello. We are Niki and Pieter-Jan, we took over the baton in november ’19 from Pieter and Savine.

We want to realise our dream together with our 5 children and all of our animals.

Work hard, still be able to enjoy everything around us. This won’t be a problem because it’s so beautiful outhere!

The monastery build in 707 (Pieter-Jan can tell you more about it), nature, …

We would like to share this special place and give you the same feeling we have every day.

A real WOW feeling! Away from it all, just relax and enjoy.

We have our beautiful monastery apartments, but we also work with Featherdown and there charming tents.

You can also have a cozy campfire here. We have a restaurant where you can eat our simply but freshly prepared dishes. We also provide a delightful breakfast buffet.

Pipa, my first Friesian horse, has given my the love for this breed. Kind, gentle, trustworthy, … Nevertheless how good they are with children. Every year we eagerly awaiting the arrival of one or more foals.

Besides our horses we also have 3 dogs, cats, 3 goats, rabbits, chickens and a pot bellied big. And who knows what’s next!

These animals can all be found in our petting zoo. We have enough space to play games, go on an adventure and discover, …

We hope to give you and you’re family the time of your life! That is our goal!